Dr. Thomas is pleased to announce he has re-opened his clinical practice in Bloomington. He also continues his work as a Medical Expert for Federal Administrative Law Judges primarily in Indianapolis. He continues as Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Development at Martin University.

He resumes direct clinical practice in Bloomington (his home) to provide needed mental health services to the community.

Dr. Thomas specializes in providing services for patients suffering depressive illness, bereavement and dysthymia (persistent depression).  He will see adult and adolescent clients by appointment only. Dr. Thomas is former CEO of the Non-Diet Diet Center that operated in Bloomington and Washington DC. He is eager to provide services for such patients coping with psychological barriers that interfere with weight loss progress.

Please visit the Clinical Office in Bloomington @ 4307 East Third Street (Parkridge East)

Please call 812-325-6877 for an appointment.