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330 Recommended Top Occupational Titles

The 330 Recommended Top Occupations were chosen because they are top paying college occupations where minorities are grossly underrepresented. Whether you are interested in numbers, people, business, or other areas, there is a Top Occupational Title for you!

The careers listed below represent a wide range of aptitude and interests. We want to bring these GREAT professions to the attention of minority students pursuing careers. The purpose is to increase career opportunity awareness and to provide mentoring guidance to minority college students.

List of 330 Recommended Top Occupational Titles

Please consult the O*NET OnLine website, & perform your occupational search in the top right corner of the page.

001. Accountant
002. Accountant, Cost
003. Accountant, Budget
004. Accountant, Tax
005. Accountant, Property
006. Accountant, Certified Public
007 Accountants, Systems
008. Actuary, Casualty
009. Actuary, Life
010. Aeronautical Engineer
011.Aeronautical-Design Engineer
012. Agricultural Engineer
013. Airplane pilot, commercial
014. Anatomist
015. Anthropologists
016. Anthropologist, Physical
017. Aquatic Biologist
018. Archeologist
019. Architectural Renderers
020. Architect
021. Architect, Landscape
022. Architect, Marine
023. Arbitrators/Mediators
024. Archivist
028.Auditor, Tax
029.Auditor, Internal
031 Biologists, Zoologist
032.Biomedical Engineer
036.Budget Analyst
037.Business, Financial Analyst
038.Business Manager
039.Business Manager, College or University
040 Businesses, Treasurer, Financial Institution
041 Business Managers, Compensation
042 Business, Manager, Benefits
043.Business, Public Relations Representative
044.Business, Financial Planner
045.Business, Management Analyst
046.Business, Director, Media Marketing
047.Business, Manager, Education and Training
048.Bursar, University
049.Chemical Design Engineer, Processes
050.Chemical Research Engineer
052.Chemist, Food
053.Chief Engineer, Research
054.Chief Computer Programmer
056.Counselor, Marriage and Family
057.Computer, Software Engineer
058.Computer Programmer, Chief
059.Computers – Technical Support Specialist
060.Computer, Data Communications Analyst
061.Computer, Network Control Operator – User Support Analyst
062.Computer Security Coordinator
063.Computer, Data Recovery planner
064.Computer, Systems Programmer
065.Computer, Systems Analyst
066 Computer, Data Communication Analyst
067.Computer, Data Base Administrator
068.Computer, Network Computer Systems Administrators
071.Dentist, Pediatric Dentist
072.Dentist, Periodontist
073.Dentist, Endodontist
074.Dental Hygienists
077.Director, Pharmacy Services
078.Director, School of Nursing
079.Director, Special Education
081.Editor, Book
082.Engineer, Chemical
083.Engineer, Civil
084.Engineer, Commercial
086.Engineer, Industrial
087.Epidemiologist, Environmental
089.Engineer, Forest
090.Engineer, Sales, Aeronautical Products
091.Engineer, Sales, Agricultural Equipment
092 Engineer, Sales, Marine Equipment
093 Engineer, Mechanical
094.Engineer, Sales, Mining and Oil Well Equipment
095 Engineer, Sales, Nuclear Equipment
096.Engineer, Test, Agricultural Equipment
097.Engineer, Test, Marine Equipment
098.Engineer, Test Mechanical Equip
099.Engineer, Test, Mining and Oil Well Equip.
100.Engineer, Test, Nuclear Equip
102.Engineer, Petroleum
103.Engineer, Landscape
104.Engineer, Aeronautical (Aircraft Mfg)
105 Engineers, Photogrammetrist
106.Engineer, Research, Marine Equipment
107.Engineer, Research, Mining and Oil Well Equipment
108 Engineer, Research, Nuclear Equipment
109 Engineers, Safety
110.Engineer, Safety Manager
111 Engineers, Utilization Engineer
112 Engineers, Chief
113.Engineer, Chief, Research
114.Engineer -Radiation-protection Engineer
115.Engineer, Waste-management
116.Engineer, Automotive
117 Engineers – Station Engineer
118 Ethnologists
119 Exercise Physiologists
121Ecologist, Forest
122Environmental Analysts
126.Geologist, Petroleum
127 Geographers
129 Historians
130 Hydrologists (Geoscientist)
131 Judges
132 Lawyers
133 Lawyers, Admiralty
134 Lawyers, Corporation
135 Lawyers, Criminal
136 Lawyers, Patent
137.Lawyer, Title Attorney
138 Lawyer, Intellectual Properties
139 Lawyer, Constitutional
140.Lawyer, Civil Rights
141.Lawyer, Probate
142 Lawyer, Real Estate
143. Librarian
144. Loan Officer
145. Mathematician
147. Metallurgist, Physical
148 Meteorologists
149. Metallurgist, Extractive
150. Micro-Biologist
151 Musician- Composer
153. Mycologist
154 Nurse, Anesthetist
155 Nurse, Practitioner
156 Nurse, General Duty
158 Nurse, Manager
159 Nurse, Infection Control
160 Nurse, Supervisor
161. Occupational Therapist
162. Optometrist
163. Orthotists/Prosthetists
164 Orthodontist
165. Paleontologists
166. Parasitologist
167 Physician, Pathologist
168 Physician, OBSTETRICIAN
169 Physician, Pediatrician
170 Physician, Gynecologist
171 Physician, Cardiologist
172. Physical Therapist
173. Physician, Occupational
174. Physician, Family Practitioner
175. Physician, Internal Medicine
176. Physician, Urologist
177. Physician, Physiatrist
178. Physician, Osteopathic Physician
179. Physician, Otolaryngologist
180. Physician, Ophthalmologists
181 Physician, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
182 Physician, Oral Pathologist
183 Physician, Neurologist
184 Physician, Hematologist
185 Physician, Histopathologist
186 Physician, Allergist
187 Physician, Rheumatologist
188 Physician, Surgeons
189 Physician, Radiologist
190 .Physician Assistant
191. Physician Nephrologists
192 Petrologist
193. Pharmacist
194 Pharmacologist
195 Photojournalist
196. Physicist
197 Physicist, Theoretical
198. Physiologist
199 Plant Engineer
200. Plant Pathologist
201. Podiatrist
202 Political Scientist
203. Proctologist
204. Project Engineer
205. Programmer, Engineering and Scientific
206. Programmer-Analyst
207. Prosthetist
208. Prothodontist
209. Psychiatrist
210. Psychologist, Child
211. Psychologist, Clinical
212. Psychologist, Counseling
213 Psychologist, Developmental
214 Psychologist, Educational
215.Psychologist, Engineering
216 Psychologist Experimental
217. Psychologist, Industrial-Organizational
218. Psychologist, School
219. Psychologist, Social
220. Psychometrist
221 Public health Physician
222. Public health Dentist
223 Public health Microbiologist
224. Public Relations Representative
225 Radiopharmacist
226 Real-Estate Agent
227 Recreational Therapist
228.Research Analyst
229 Sociologist
230 Statistician, mathematical
231.Statistician, applied
232 Speech & Language Pathologists
233.Soil Conservationist
234.Soil Scientist
235 Taxicologist
236Teacher, Elementary School
237Teachers, Emotionally Impaired
238Teachers, Hearing Impaired
239 Teachers, Kindergarten
240 Teacher, Learning Disabled
241 Teacher, Secondary School
242 Teacher, Visually Impaired
243 Teachers, Special Education, Middle School
244 Trust Officer
245 Underwriter
246 Underwriter, Mortgage Loan
247 Veterinarian
248 Veterinary Anatomist
249 Veterinary Epidemiologist
250.Veterinary Livestock Inspector
251 Veterinary Meat-Inspector
252.Veterinary Microbiologist
253 Veterinary, Parasitologist
254 Veterinary, Pathologist
255 Veterinary, pharmacologist
256 Veterinary, physiologist
257 Veterinary, Poultry
258 Veterinary, Lab Animals
259 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
260.Voice Pathologist
261 Graphic Designers
262 Writers: Prose, Fiction, Non-fiction, Technical
263 Public-Relations Representative
264 Drafters, Architectural
265 Drafters, Civil
266 Drafters, Aeronautical
267 Electrical Engineers
268 Surveyors, Geodetic
269 Surveyors, Marine
270 Market Research Analysts
271 Materials Engineer
272 Materials Scientist
273 Physicians, Anesthesiologist
274 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Biology
275 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Psychology
276 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Zoology
278 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Chemistry
279 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, English
280 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, French
281 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, German
282 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, History
283 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Russian
284 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Health & Physical Education
285 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Elementary
286 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Secondary
287 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Higher Education
288 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Physics
289 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Math
290 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Neurosciences
291 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Sociology
292 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Home Economics
293 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Economics
294 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Political Science
295 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Vocational
296 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Geography
298 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Philosophy
299 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Religion
300 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Medical School
301 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Archeology
302 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Anthropology
303 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, History
304 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Communication and Culture
305 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Business
306 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Social Work
307 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Law School
308 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Optometry
309 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Veterinary
310 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Botany
311 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Theatre
312 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Dentistry
313 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Nursing
314 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Occupational Therapy
315 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Speech and Hearing Sciences
316 All Other Teachers, University, Post-Secondary,
317 Teachers, Special Education, Pre-School and Elementary
318 Teachers, Vocational Education, Secondary School
319 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Engineering
320 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Podiatry
321 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Agricultural Science
322 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Food Sciences
323 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Architecture
324 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Fine Arts
325 Teachers, University, Post-Secondary, Computer Science
326 Neonatologist
327 Medical Epidemiologist
328 Vulcanologist
329 Medical Sociologist
330 Pediatric Neurologist