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Felix E. Renteria III

Highest Degree

Masters Community Psychology (LMHC track)

Earned Degree At

Martin University

Licensure / Certification


Any Internship or specialized training?

Internship completed at American Behavioral Counseling LLC

Number of years that you’ve been in your specialty?

I am full career = 15 years +

What I Really Enjoy About My Field

I enjoy helping my clients connect and identify with their innermost thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to help them govern themselves with new thoughts and behaviors. Psychological wounds heal much like the flesh, from the inside out.

My Achievement Story in Brief

My mother worked at Methodist Hospital my father retired as a Captain in the United States Army. Although. they raised us in the inner cities of New York, St Louis, and Indianapolis. I was blessed to grow up with less fortunate and vulnerable population. I learned to love people all classifications and socioeconomic statuses. When I found the problems in the community I made it my life’s vocation to educate myself well enough to become equipped to free them from emotional, addictive and psychological bondage. I utilize what I call the “Turtle Theory.” “As a therapist, I am hard on the outside, soft on the inside, willing to stick my neck out so long as I know what’s going on, and willing to keep moving forward with you, no matter how long it takes.” I am a therapist. – Felix E. Renteria III, BA, MS

The Biggest Challenge(s) Students Face

Three of the biggest challenges students face in the inner-city are low wages, low, education, and low supportive resources.