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The Secret of Successful Career Preparation

Career Preparation Related Statements Form

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The secret of successful career preparation is not as secret as you might think!  If you can answer most of the following questions affirmatively you are off to a good start.

Anyonecanachieve’s Career Preparation Related Statements FormYes
I know who I am. ( e.g.,  I am an outgoing people person or I like spending time in solitary pursuits)
I know what activities I truly enjoy.  For example, I love writing, analyzing things, helping people, building things or exploring nature.
      I have prioritized the activities I enjoy.
I have thought about selecting a career that allows me to do the kinds of things I truly enjoy doing. 
I have made a short list of the careers that include the activities I love.
I decided on my first, second and third career choices.
      I have narrowed down my career choice over time to one great career
        I am willing to work hard at preparing for the career I’ve chosen.
I am willing to make sacrifices of time and money to prepare for this career.
I am willing to tolerate disappointments along the way and bounce back.
        I am willing to spend four to ten years in college to prepare for my   career.
I am willing to celebrate small successes along the way.
I am willing to make a solid short and long-term career preparation plans I know that finding and preparing for a great career isn’t a random activity.
I am willing to find alternative paths to my idea career when some easy paths are blocked.
I believe my career goal is reasonable given my present knowledge, skills and talents.
I believe my career goal is reasonable given my ability to learn and grow and develop my full potential.
I am open to changing my current career goal for an alternative career goal that would also be satisfying to me.
I will never be shy about admitting my shortcomings and I will work to improve myself.
I am working on surrounding myself with like-minded people whose insights and support can strengthen my determination to achieve.
I am willing to take good care of myself along the way by eating, sleeping, exercising and finding relaxing recreational activities.
I am willing to hear and be responsive to feedback from my support system, friends, family, and mentors (such as the mentors at

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