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Dr. James N Gladden, Professor of Political Science, Emeritus

Dr. James Gladden
Dr. James N Gladden is a professor of political science, emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Highest degree

Ph.D. Political science

Earned at: Indiana University

Specialized Training

  • Academic and research training
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Meeting standards for tenure and promotion.

Number of Years In Specialty

I am retired or semi-retired

What I Really Enjoy About My Field

As a professor of political science at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, I valued the opportunity to keep learning in my field of interest. It involved travel to other countries for research on public policy for managing federal wilderness areas. I enjoyed teaching students as a rewarding way to stimulate my own thinking.

My Achievement Story

As an undergraduate, I learned that professors made careers out of doing research and teaching ideas. This way of life excited me and focused my mind on the task. A political science course set me on the path to achieving my goal of earning a Ph. D. And being a professional academic.

The Biggest Challenge(s) Students Face

Students who want to become political science professors face two major challenges. The first is to decide which field of study in the discipline to specialize in. The other is to develop the capacity to persist toward goals across time.