In Honor of – Rev. Donald Ferguson, M.S.

Rev. Donald Ferguson, M.S.Affiliation

D & E. Counseling and Community Services, LLC


Therapist – Counseling & Community Psychology

Number of years you have practiced your profession:

Full Career > 15 years


B.A. Martin University

M.S. Martin University (Community Psychology)


Outpatient Counselor with focus: Children, Adults and Families

Pastor of “The Word Is The Way Christian Church”

Certifications: Certificate of Ordination:

Helpful Life Experience:

I learned how to be disciplined in the United States Navy and Army Reserves.

What I Enjoy About My Field:

I enjoy helping people through counseling and seeing them gain knowledge about themselves – acquire new and helpful behavior to better deal with the problems they face. I respect clients’ dignity and encourage more adaptive belief systems that promote mental health.

Challenge Students Face Working In This Field:

The biggest challenge students will face is learning to separate themselves from over identification with clients in treatment. It is also important for counselors to remind themselves that no two clients are alike even if they have the same diagnosis and similar histories. They will not exhibit the same behavior in the same way or setting.

Helpful Hints for This Field:

Study hard, be diligent and make sure before you jump-in that this is the field you really want.

Some General Goal Advice:

1. Set goals and limits for yourself and

2. Prioritize what you have to do (from the most to least important)

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  1. I recently met Pastor Donald and his wife along with some of the beautiful people in his congregation. The fruits of “Anyone can achieve” are radiant in the atmosphere of the church. God bless you all and our future fellowship. I have always said, “fellowship doesn’t mean I am the only one in the ship.” Appreciate the comment block.

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