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Mr. John L. “JL” Mize, M.S.

Mr. John L. "JL" MizeOccupation, Area of Specialty, and Institutional Affiliation

Psychology Instructor/Program Administrator



Number of years that you’ve been in your specialty

Early Career < 15 years

Highest Degree Earned

MS Psychology: Martin University
Indianapolis, IN

You practice one of 330 great occupations that require years of preparation. What things most helped you to succeed in training for your profession and in practice of your profession?

I began my post-secondary education at ISU in Terre Haute, IN. I began as an English major; then became a philosophy major; then a world-religions major. At the end of my fourth semester, the University requested that I not return for a minimum of one year.

I had entered college for several reasons: I loved learning, reading and writing; I wanted to teach others the beauty, and severity, that language-usage can create in the lives of others. Most importantly, however, I sought some means of rising above a sometimes difficult family situation. I hadn’t been well-prepared for the demands, and freedoms, that college presented.

Over a number of years: I studied  with a spiritual mentor who exposed  me to subjects akin to and divergent from college courses. He taught me critical thinking skills, martial arts, meditation, and concentration exercises. I became employed in mental health. The therapist (who knew I was seeking employment) suggested I apply as a mental health technician. When I began working in mental health, I transferred the personal disciplines I had learned from my spiritual mentor to the field of psychology. I have held such employment positions as Child Care Trainer and Child Care Supervisor. I have co-devised a restraint-technique that was used at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH.

I received my BS Psychology, suma cum laude, and was the Class Speaker at graduation. I also received my MS in Community Psychology.

As a psychology instructor, I seek to empower students and encourage their personal and academic development and successes through challenge, support, and communication.

From my own experiences, I know a person can succeed through the application of personal discipline, education, and access to the necessary resources and people!