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Ms. Lovada Merriweather MSW, LCSW, LMFT, LMHC

Ms. Lovada MerriweatherSpecialization

Clinical Social Worker

Institutional Affiliation

Director, Family Enrichment Center, Inc.

Highest Degree Earned

Masters Degree in Social Work

“People learn to achieve by believing in themselves which is important at any age. I developed an interest in working with people at an early age working as a volunteer in the local hospital while I was in high school. I initially had an interest in another profession, nursing, but eventually I chose social work because I felt I could have a broader impact on the lives of not just the patient but families as well. People always seemed to seek me out when they had problems or wanted to talk. They felt comfortable talking to me and I felt good about listening and helping. I did not have a mentor but I read about social work and what I read convinced me this was the profession for me. I know that students worry about money in their pursuit of higher education. I advise young people not to worry about the cost of pursuing your dream occupation. Just focus on being the best you can in preparing for and working in your occupation, the money will come.”