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Dr. Valerie Grim, Ph.D.

Dr. Valerie Grim, Ph.D.Professor – Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies

Number of years you have practiced your profession:

Full Career:  15 years


B.A.     Tougaloo College (U.S. American history)
M.A.     Iowa State University (U.S. American history)
Ph.D.   Iowa State University (U.S. history; U.S.A. rural history, and African American history)


My area of specialization includes African American history, Blacks in the rural African Diaspora and Blacks in rural America, twentieth century to the present.

Achievement Story:

I have had some success in life. Receiving a Ph.D. is one area of success. I worked hard in school, starting kindergarten at age 3 and receiving the PhD in my twenties. I valued education and how it could help me   build community through collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships with people in various communities. I am a firm believer in social justice and in   people doing their  part to make the world a more just and humane place to live.  Toward this end, I work and support some national organizations, including  the rural coalition, which focuses on individuals and communities.

You practice one of 330 great occupations that require years of preparation. What things most helped you to succeed in training for your profession and in the practice of your profession?

Listening to advice and being willing to be guided by mentors I trusted and working hard to be excellent in whatever I chose or was/am asked to do have helped me to succeed in my profession. Other factors that are crucial to my success include understanding how important it is to give to and help others. In these regards, I have only two real expectations in life–that  I must love and forgive others. Knowing that all good comes back to one is a seed  that is planted in the soil of life.