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Asian Americans age 25-29 Continue As The Highest Educated Group Among All Americans In That Age Group!

According To The Digest Of Educational Statistics In 2003 and 2015 Americans Who Had Earned AN Associate Degree or Higher:
2003 2015
Asian 61.7%. 71.7%
White. 43.1%. 54%
Black. 23.7%. 31.1%
Hispanic 15.3%. 25.7%

Asian Americans Annual Household Income Is The Higest Of Any Group!

Another Proof Of The Critical Importance Of Higher Education! Higher Education Beyond Scholarship Has Practical Implications For Our Lives!

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski - President, University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Freeman Hrabowski: 4 pillars of college success in science

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski - President, University of Maryland at Baltimore CountyDr. Hrabowski (PhD, Math) is truly a pioneer in promoting minority college student success in the Arts, Humanities and STEM sciences.  He promotes not only success but excellence in academic and life accomplishment! His Meyerhoff Scholars Program has graduated hundreds of minority students over the past twenty years who have gone on to complete MD and or PhD programs at prestigious universities including e.g. Harvard and Stanford!  His long list of distinguished students is a wonderful testimony to his mentoring/support program! His Meyerhoff program is a wonderful institutional example that mirrors our web based mentoring system at!  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Hrabowski for his tireless effort in the service of excellence in education of underrepresented minorities  particularly in the STEM sciences.
Please watch the TED talk video embedded below to hear Dr. Hrabowski in February 2013 talk about his childhood background in Birmingham and his path to success at UMBC!

Value of college degree is growing, study says

On September 21st , 2010, The New York Times reports that workers with a college degree earned much more and were much less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school diploma, according to the report, “Education Pays: the Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society.”

According to the report, the median earnings of full-time workers with bachelor’s degrees were $55,700 in 2008–$21,900 more than those of workers who finished only high school. And the pay premium for those with bachelor’s degrees has grown substantially in recent years. Among those ages 25 to 34, women with college degrees earned 79 percent more than those with high school diplomas, and men, 74 percent more. A decade ago, women with college degrees had a 60 percent pay premium and men 54 percent…Even during the recession, a degree offered protection from unemployment . The 2009 unemployment rate of college graduates 25 and older was 4.6% compared with 9.7% for high school graduates…Read the full story