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Joe Nathan Zachery Jr., JD

Joe Nathan Zachery Jr., JDHighest Degree


Earned Degree At

Maurer School of Law, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Number of years that you’ve been in your specialty?

I am full career = 15 years +

What I Really Enjoy About My Field

My field of expertise is in Operations Management. What I really enjoy about my field of expertise is the diversity of the responsibility (I generally have responsibility for human resources, budget/finance, information technology, and facilities management) and the fact that each day is different. I also enjoy the variety of people that I get to come into contact with: students, faculty, administrators, donors, community members, and business leaders.

My Achievement Story in Brief

My earliest experiences that motivated me were when I was in Junior Achievement when I was in High School. We had companies that we formed and I was always a senior administrator and I enjoyed producing a product, selling that product, and handling the administrative aspects of the company. Those experiences inspired me to pursue my B.S. in Finance and Real Estate Administration from Indiana University-Purdue University- Indianapolis and my J.D. degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Biggest Challenge(s) Students Face

The biggest challenge that students face is getting the opportunity to diversify their skill set to be able to handle some of the challenges they will face in the work place. Therefore, I suggest that they volunteer with a social service agency where that opportunity will allow them to broaden their skill set and also give something back to the community.