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Shawn E. Richter, JD

Shawn E. Richter, JDOccupation, Area of Specialty, and Institutional Affiliation

Administrative Law Judge, Indiana State Government

Number of years that you’ve been in your specialty

Early Career < 15 years


Admission to Indiana Bar

Highest Degree Earned

J.D., Ohio Northern University

Internships/Residency/Post Doc?

Intern, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic

Law Clerk, Johnson County Superior Court One

You practice one of 330 great occupations that require years of preparation. What things most helped you to succeed in training for your profession and in practice of your profession?

First and foremost I believe my success in law school and on the bar examination can be attributed to my faith in God. I had no direction in my life before I became a Christian and probably would still not have direction without my faith.  I have had the love and support of my wife and family throughout my career preparation. I have had important  role models as well. One of those role models in particular helped me instill a positive attitude, which in turn built a significant level of confidence. He also gave me excellent insight on what the life of a successful professional was like. This confidence freed me to use my God given talents in a productive way. Soon I began to actually apply the talents I always had. I continue to cultivate my mental abilities and understand the world around me. I am sure intellectual growth and personal freedom will guide me for the rest of my life.