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Gail Franklin, MS, LMHC, CRC, Voc Expert


Highest Degree

MSSW- University of Louisville

BS- University of Dayton

Licensure / Certification

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Any Internship or specialized training?

Lots of work experience

Number of years that you’ve been in your specialty?

Full Career > than 15 years

You practice one of 330 great occupations that require years of preparation. What things most helped you to succeed in training for your profession and in practice of your profession?

The University of Louisville Social Work Program was incredibly well organized and moved the student through a progression of classes that really maximized the learning process. Additionally, I had a personal mentor that helped me fully develop my skills in the rehabilitation field. Like any skill development, each step in the process built upon prior experiences and led me to have the ability to be successful in my field.

My Achievement Story

I think the turning point in my professional development was participating n a structural psychology class. This class emphasized the fact that each person exists within a group, and change to any single part of the group, impacts the whole. As a result, to develop effective treatment, you have to consider the impact of change on the entire system, or you won’t be successful. I used this as a foundation for both the mental health and rehabilitation services I provided and I think it allowed me to be more effective in providing services that moved the person forward within his natural support system.