Peer Mentor: Deja Foster

We Welcome New College Peer Mentor To! Peer Mentor, Déjà Foster IUPUI Déjà received an Indiana Twenty-first Century Scholarship She is a graduate of Tech H.S. – Career Technology Magnet Program She earned a CNA certificate That career program’s stated mission “to provide a learning environment where integrity, technology skills, and academic excellence prevail…to […]

Freeman Hrabowski: 4 pillars of college success in science

Dr. Hrabowski (PhD, Math) is truly a pioneer in promoting minority college student success in the Arts, Humanities and STEM sciences.  He promotes not only success but excellence in academic and life accomplishment! His Meyerhoff Scholars Program has graduated hundreds of minority students over the past twenty years who have gone on to complete MD and […]

Nearly Half Of Our Recommended Top Jobs Require OR Prefer An Advanced Degree

Nearly half of the jobs we recommend require or prefer an advanced degree. Examples: lawers/judges, physicians and surgeons, psychologists, elementary and secondary teachers, post-secondary educators, medical research, speech pathologists, some engineers, business management, sociologists, dentists, optometrists, special education teachers, biological scientists, computer scientists, chief executives, geoscientists, economists, math, statisticians, library scientists, licensed mental health counselors, […]

U.S. College Graduation Rate Trails 14 Other Countries

U.S. College Graduation Rate Now Trails 14 Other Developed Countries. A Wall Street Journal article, April 26, 2012 indicates low college graduation rates threaten U.S. global economic leadership and contributes to the erosion of the middleclass. The following developed countries have college graduation rates higher than the U.S. for those in the 25-34 year old […]

Value of college degree is growing, study says

On September 21st , 2010, The New York Times reports that workers with a college degree earned much more and were much less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school diploma, according to the report, “Education Pays: the Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society.” According to the report, the […]