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Deontae Craig Starts College Career @ University of Iowa



Deontae Craig, Defensive Lineman, Hawkeyes

University of Iowa

ACA: Deontae, tell us about the transition from High School at Culver to University of Iowa?

Deontae: “So far the transition has been going really well. The hardest adjustment has been waking up really early and at other times a lot of free time. I am planning to major in sports science because it seems like an interesting field to get into involving sports. I am taking rhetoric, elementary psychology and a couple other lecture hall courses. Eventually, I want to get a PH.D. in something, but it might be kind of hard, so I’ll see how I feel about it in a few years.”

ACA: One of your sports heroes passed away early this year as a result of a plane crash, Kobe Bryant. He had quite a long career with the Los Angeles Lakers with numerous accolades. You mentioned that he inspired you. Any thoughts?

Deontae: “I think about Kobe every day. He’s my phone wallpaper. I wear his number in basketball and I look at every single social media post about him. I wrote “mamba” forever on my shoes and cleats after he passed away so I know his mentality will live in whatever I do.”

ACA: Thanks Deontae for this update and good luck at University of Iowa. Good luck in academics and in sports. Let’s hear from you again soon.